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EftMega runs on a very simple principle: artists who work hard get rewarded, and consumers who spend time supporting those artists find better music. We have a (soon to be) patented process that we call the EftMetric, and this is how artists are charted and displayed.
Artists, this is your chance at exposure, so get hustling and earn people’s attention.
Fans, this is your starting point for music discovery so spend some time listening and checking out the most deserving.
Buy music online and discover new music all in one place!
The music lover and artist’s can all come together in one place to support and get support.
Once a week we will post our Top 40 overall artists and Top 40 weekly movement so come back often and follow who’s new, who’s moving up the ranks, and who’s consistently nailing it.


We classify artists by scene, not by genre. If you love Long Island Hardcore, search for other LI Hardcore artists, we’ll connect you with music you love, and show you how to find likeminded acts in near and far places.

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Let’s change the game. Let’s give an artist a proper platform to sell music, get exposed and connect with the right audience. Sign up now to create an Artist Page and begin the process of getting your music for sale through EftMega.

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What's the Story

EftMega is for all intents and purposes is a online record store, BUT, we’re different than most other online music destinations in the following ways: We only sell albums (LPs are priced at $6.25, Eps are priced at $3.75), we classify artists by scene (not genre), we only work with artists who own their own masters, and we rank artists according to the effort they put forth — NOT by how much they’ve paid to get featured. You cannot buy attention on this site; EftMega is on a mission to end the corporate model of pay to play. Want to learn more? Check out the links below.


The Narrative

If you like rants about the music industry from people who have lived it, changed it, and are fighting to save it, read on.


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Want to know who we are, how we got started, and where we’re going? This is the spot.


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You want the facts and you want them now. Gotcha. This is the place for you.

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